Shared Future Vision

Build a shared future vision that can be translated into mission and vision statements and a set of values. Normally the first step in a strategic planning process, we have different approaches to help organizations when this challenge becomes a necessity.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations define the way they expect to reach their vision. In general terms, it is based on internal and external analysis and usually results in a Value Propostion and Strategic Agenda.

Strategy Execution

At Nodal we are prepared to help organizations in all stages necessary for strategy implementation, from constructing strategy maps, KPIS and Targets (Balanced Scorecard), to managing strategic Initiatives and establishing a Strategy Monitoring Process.


Innovation in Action

A mid and long-term program designed for organizations to become more innovative. Based on the Five Paths to an Innovative Organization developed by Nodal, we help develop and implement an Innovation Plan.

Innovation Journey

The main objective of this program is to have teams generate a comprehensive list of original innovative ideas, in a two-to-eight-week period.

Innovation Day

For many organizations the best way to keep innovation alive is to conduct an Innovation Day once a year. Nodal helps organize and lead this special event, that results in a series of good opportunities to innovate.